A Nationwide F.A. Charter Standard Development Club.

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Club Constitution and Governing Rules.

1. The Club shall be known as Cottage Farm Rangers FC.

2. The Club shall be affiliated to a recognised County Football Association and shall have its registered ground and/or headquarters within the Tamworth area.

3a. The purpose of the Club, will be to provide Association Football for Boys, Girls, Men and Women, teaching them the basic rules and skills of the game, as well as an understanding of teamwork.

3b. All teams will play in the official Club colours of Blue and Black shirts, Black shorts and Blue or Black socks, when at home.

4a. The Club shall have the status of an Affiliated Member Club of the Football Association. The rules and regulations of The Football Association and its parent County Association and any League or Competition to which the Club is affiliated for the time being, shall be deemed to be incorporated into the Club rules.

4b. To ensure that rule 4.a. is adhered to, a Committee shall be elected.

4c. The Committee shall comprise of Officers and Members. The Officers being a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

4d. An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year, where Officers and Committee shall be elected.

4e. Nominations for the posts of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, should be sent to the Secretary, so that they are in his/her possession no later than 14 days prior to the AGM.

4f. All nominations shall be proposed and seconded by Adult members (Over 18) of the Club, and shall be with the consent of the Nominees.

5a. The Annual General Meeting shall be held every twelve months and ALL members shall be notified of the meeting, not less than six weeks prior to the agreed date of the meeting. All managers are expected to attend.

5b. Only members of the Club shall be able to speak or vote at the AGM.

5c. All players’ families shall be deemed to be members of the Club. However, in the event of a vote being taken at an AGM, only one vote per family will be permitted and only by an adult member of that family and a direct family member.

5d. Managers, Trainers, Officers, Committee Members and other persons taking an active role in the running of the Club, shall also be deemed to be members and therefore eligible to vote.

5e. Proxy votes will not be allowed.

5f. A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called at any time by the Committee, and shall be called within twenty one days of the receipt by the Club Secretary, of a requisition, in writing, signed by no less than five Members, stating the purpose for which the Meeting is required and the resolutions proposed. Business at the SGM may be any business that may be transacted at an AGM.

5g. The Chairman, or in their absence someone appointed by the Committee, shall take their chair. Each member present will have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority. In the event of the votes being equal, the Chairman appointed by the Committee will have the casting vote.

5h. The minutes of all meetings, held for whatever reason, shall be taken by the Club Secretary, or a Committee appointed Minute Secretary.

6a. Team Managers shall be elected to their posts by the Committee.

6b. Team Managers will be completely responsible for running and selection of their teams.

6c. It is the duty of ALL Team Managers, to report any disciplinary matters to the Committee at the earliest possible meeting.

6d. It is the duty of the Managers to ensure that all subscriptions collected, are paid into the Club Treasurer on a monthly basis. Any player who is 2 or more months overdue with subscriptions will not be eligible to play for the Club until such fees are paid. Any player who has not paid their fine/s from the County FA will not be eligible to play until the fine is paid.

7a. The Club shall be managed by the Officers and Committee, who shall meet at regular intervals, to deal with any business, as it arises.

7b. The Committee will appoint a Club Welfare Officer, who will oversee ALL matters concerning Child Welfare within the Club. The Club Welfare Officer will also be responsible for implementing both the FA Child Protection Policies and those of the Club. All incidents arising will be reported to the Committee without delay.

7c. A minimum of six persons, two of whom will be Officers of the Club, are required to form a quorum, for the discussion and transaction of Club business.

7d. All communication, except for Bank statements, shall be addressed to the Club Secretary, who will present same at the earliest meeting.

7e. The Committee shall, if they feel appropriate, form/elect a subcommittee/committees, to carry out specific duties. Each subcommittee shall report back to the main Committee.

7f. In the event of a proposal at a Committee meeting having to put to a vote, then each member shall have one vote. However, no Committee member may vote on a motion directly appertaining to him/her. In the event of the voting being equal, the Chairman will have the casting vote.

7g. The Committee shall have the powers to apply, act upon and enforce, the rules of the Club and shall have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the Club, including any matters not covered by the rules of the Club.

7h. The Committee shall have the powers to co-opt Members to fill vacancies that may arise before an AGM.

7i. The rules governing the Club may only be changed by a Motion of Substance being made at the AGM. Any such Motion, should be made, in writing to the Club Secretary, at least eight weeks prior to an AGM. The Motion will then be voted on by the Club Members (see 5.b., 5.c., 5.d. and 5.e.).

8a. It is the duty of ALL Officers, Committee, Members, Players and Supporters, to conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring the Club into disrepute.

8b. Acts of misconduct, will be dealt with by the Committee, any person/persons found guilty of same, will be dealt with as the Committee deems fit. This could, in certain circumstances lead to expulsion of the person/persons involved. Any Member being expelled from the Club, will not be entitled to claim any, or a share, of the Clubs property.

8c. Persons, who require to be dealt with under rule 8.b., shall be notified within fourteen days, of the Committees decision.

8d. Any person wishing to appeal, shall do so in writing, within seven days of receiving the Committees decision.

8e. Persons that become liable for fines imposed on them by the Birmingham County FA, or any responsible body, shall be responsible for the payment of any such fines. The Club will accept NO responsibility for the payment of any fines.

9a. All Players and Members, shall abide by the rules of the Club, as listed herein and of those attached in the following Appendixes:

i. Code of Conduct for Coaches, Team Managers and club officials.

ii. Code of Conduct for Young Players.

iii. Code of Conduct for Adult Players.

iv. Code of Conduct for Spectators and Parents/Carers.

v. Code of Conduct for Match Officials.

vi. Anti Discrimination Policy.

vii. Equal Opportunities Policy.

viii. Safety Policy (Goal Posts).

ix. Child Welfare Procedures.

9b. All Team Managers, shall keep a record of the games each player has played for the Club. The Secretary shall be required to inspect these records, as and when deemed necessary.

9c. No player shall be transferred to another Club, until he/she has discharged their financial liabilities to the club (Subscriptions and outstanding fines) and that ALL equipment, including kit, has been handed back to the Club.

9d. Players will be required to give reasonable notice of any holidays, or non-availability for matches or training.

9e. Players must notify their respective Managers, within twenty four hours, of the reasons for non-compliance of rule 9.d.

9f. All Club officers/Managers/Players/Parents/Guardians are required to complete the Club Membership Forms prior to the start of each new season. These forms will be kept by each Team Manager, with a copy being retained by the Club Secretary. No player is eligible to play for the Club until the Club Secretary has received a copy of his/her form. All officers of the Clubs are expected to carry out the duties as set out in the relevant Roles & Responsibilities which they will receive.

10a All Financial matters, shall be agreed by the Committee and dealt with by the Treasurer.

10b. The Club shall deposit income, in a bona fide bank and/or building society.

10c. Accounts opened with a bank or building society, shall be in the name of the Club.

10d. The account will be operated by two of four named signatories.

10e. No husband/wife/other family member shall be allowed to be two of the four signatures.

10f. The Treasurer shall keep a true record of all income and expenditure, and shall present a copy of the Club Accounts, at each AGM.

10g. The Committee, shall set a subscription fee that they deem fit, to cover the running costs of the Club.

10h. All Players subscriptions, shall be the responsibility of each players Parent/Guardian unless the player is aged 16 or over, in which case it is the players responsibility.

10i. Continued non-payment of subscriptions, may result in the suspension of the Player concerned, until such time as the arrears have been settled.

11a. Any Member, wishing to express their dissatisfaction with the running of the Club, shall do so in writing, within seven days of a particular incident.

11b. Anybody with a grievance should follow the procedure as set out on the relevant page on the Club website

11c. A resolution to Dissolve the Club, shall only be proposed at an AGM or SGM. Any resolution so put forward, must be carried by at least 75% of the Members present.

11d. The dissolution shall take effect from the date of the resolution, and the Members of the Club Committee Shall be responsible for winding up the assets and liabilities of the Club.

11e. Any surplus assets remaining after the discharge of the debts and liabilities of the Club, shall be transferred to the parent Association, who shall determine haw the assets shall be utilised for the benefit of the game. Alternatively, such assets may be disposed of in such a way, as the Members of the Club, with the consent of the parent Association, shall determine.

Adopted by the Committee of Cottage Farm Rangers FC 7.7.1994.

Amended by motion of substance, CFRFC AGM 29.7.1999.

Amended by motion of substance, CFRFC AGM 28.6.2001.

Amended by motion of substance, CFRFC AGM 29.7.2009

Amended by motion of substance, CFRFC AGM 07.7.2010

R.White. K. Dyer

Chairman. Secretary